Tom is a freelance heraldic artist and calligrapher working from his studio at his family home in the Kent countryside.  He has over 20 years of professional experience using traditional methods and working with the finest materials including 24ct gold, natural pigments and vellum in:- Heraldic Art, Calligraphy and Illumination

Tom produces bespoke artwork and illuminated documents including

  • Illuminated Family Trees
  • Coats of Arms, Family Crests & Heraldic Artwork
  • Celebrations of Birth, Life, Marriage and Anniversaries
  • Beloved Poetry or Verse
  • Illuminated Addresses & Presentations
  • Illuminated House Histories
  • Illuminated Initials

Illuminated Family Trees
Family Trees can be drawn-up and scrivened in the finest calligraphy on handmade paper using Chinese stick inks, watercolour and 24ct gold, incorporating personal heraldry and illuminated with decorative borders or watercolour vignettes. If required, research into your family history can be done by some of the world’s leading genealogists.

Coats of Arms, Family Crests & Heraldic Artwork
Personal coats of arms and Heraldry associated with the surname, can be depicted in various sizes using the finest materials including handmade paper, calf-skin vellum and 24ct gold then framed to your taste to make an elegant gift.

Celebrations of Birth, Life Marriage and Anniversaries
Celebrations of Anniversaries make a wonderful gift. Hand written with gold or platinum leaf with watercolour vignettes on vellum or handmade paper.

Beloved Poetry or Verse
Favourite poems can be beautifully written in Calligraphic script and illuminated with a decorative border in raised burnished gold leaf and watercolour on handmade paper or calf-skin vellum. These make a special and personal gift to a loved one or perhaps as a unique wedding gift.

Illuminated Addresses & Presentations
An Illuminated Address to a retiring colleague can offer a welcome alternative to the usual carriage clock. It is a personal way to convey real appreciation and respect.

Illuminated House Histories
Can be presented as a beautiful document on handmade paper or vellum with a watercolour illustration of the property and illuminated with locative or historical themes. Research can also be provided.

Illuminated Initials
Executed using raised and burnished 24ct gold and lapis lazuli with beautiful, intricate designs, these make unique and personal gifts for a really special occasion such as a wedding or christening,or perhaps a special anniversary